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In 1999, we purchased our first horse as part of social therapy for our autistic son. Turns out the horse had therapeutic value for the entire family. In 2003, we designed and built an equine facility on 25 acres. By the grace of God, we have been living our dream every day since. We hope our horses feel the same about the place as we do!

Our family is fascinated with pintos and primitive duns, like my all-time favorite stallion, Hilltops Little Vegas. Thus the name Dun Painted Ranch which is a wonderfully humorous prefix for pedigree names. It is our goal to produce colorful, refined, friendly miniatures that can be enjoyably handled by small children in a showring or a makeshift obstacle course they created in our 80x160 sand arena.

Foundation bloodlines such as Hilltops Little Vegas, Sids Husker, Flying W Farms, Lucky Hart Ranch (Rowdy), Soats, and Iowa's Little Kernal are part of our breeding program. Our emphasis is the breeding of the best qualities of our wonderful broodmares and generationally reducing their size by our small, refined stallion(s).

This dream would never be possible without the guiding hand of God, and a loving dose of mentoring by my dear friend, Donna Herold of Qtr Raes Mystic Minis, who has taught me so much about miniature horse nutrition and care. Our horses are treated to daily portions of warm beet pulp mixed with grain and BOSS (black oil sunflower seeds) during the winter and the same treat served cool during warm months. All horses are on a strict farrier, worming and vaccination schedule, thereby ensuring healthy, happy horses and foals.

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